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Definately not worth $20

Very buggie! Worked the first time I launched it, then the second time it stopped showing satellites, or the location information. Nice idea, not very good execution. I hope I can get a refund.

Dish Pointer

waste of money

This app ACTUALLY saved my life

Without a doubt one of the best program I have ever used and will continue to use multiply on a daily basis. I run a crew of 20 installers and have made this program a manditory tool for all of them. I take a photo with the native screen shot and email it to the client with the picture while in their home. This way we can never be accused of leaving a job with a potential line of sight issues. This program has also allowed me to change my intallation style and begin mounting on much better locations other than the roof. Saved my life as one customer swore the only place the previous installer could get a clear shot was to mount on the peak of a 62 roof. I was able to find a spot under the eaves at 6 with a good LOS. During the install a hailstorm rolled in and started PELTING manderine orange sized hail for nearly 15 min. Estimated damage to home +$25000 as all the siding on the one side of the home was totally destroyed and there was me dry safe and feet in the ground with a completely protected dish and a clear line of site Definately one of the best tools for iPhone I have ever used. Please keep up the great work, revolutionary product, truely one of if not the best app I have ever used for my line of work. I would probably quit if I didnt have this app!

Not worth it!

I paid $20 for this useless app! It directed me way off for installing my dish! I had to pay $75 to get satellite guy to come out and install!

worked for me

it worked for me, patience setting up a sat is the key. this app saved me $75. to give u an idea of how much I like this app. I have a ton of apps and I have never written a review.

Definatellty not made for the Touch

This app is not great with Ipod touch 4, Arc doesnt move while youre holdind Ipod, Everything has to be entered manually since theres not internal compass. Basically, with satfinder calculations I can do it myself without this.Dont waste your money if your own an Ipod touch.

Waste of money

This app is worthless. More of a toy than a tool the $19.99 price is not justified. Especially useless when trying to point a multiple lnb dish. Wish I had my money back.

Not worth the money

App is very inaccurate. And definitely not worth $20! Save your money!

Works great

I have used this app twice to install so far. The satellite view shows the line of site through the trees just like you could see the satellite. Works on iPhone 4s & iPad 2. If the Sat info is missing, the compass is having trouble orienting (no error message.) Move away from the interference & recalibrate the compass. This app has some great bones. With some minor additions, like adding a filter for the satellite list or saving the photo with the sat display, or saving a photo of the spectrum analyzer, or error messages when its not ready, this would be a fantastic addition to any installers toolbox. I just about didnt buy this because of some bad reviews, really unfortunate these people missed the equipment warning.

Great time Saver

Great app for locating a sat and verifying looks for placement. I had no problem using this program and love the wide variety of birds available AND that you can add your own should the one your looking for not be in the list (which is highely unlikely) Comparable sat finders cost in the hundreds of dollars allbeit they do give signal strengths. All in all I found it a great app well worth the 20 bucks

I dont know how folks can not be impressed with this on an iPhone 4S.

Well I decided to go for it. I went for the Pro version as I couldnt seem to find the non-pro version. I checked out a couple installs for obstacles and its very impressive. If I did this for a living Id certainly have this app. I think a buddy of mine is going to get it for when he travels with his trailer. Hes got a Tripod and will take one of his home receivers with them on vacation. This would help him a lot. I just wish it had more detailed instructions and maybe a way to capture the screen (and data) like a photo for future reference. (Good input for the next version) If youve ever struggled to find a Bird the $20 spent here is money well spent. (I know guys - including me) whove spent hours searching for a Bird only to find out 4 hours later it was just blocked out by trees. I just used it to check for line of sight on another friends boat and it showed the view cleared Burnaby Mountain so the problem wasnt there. It turned out to be an issue with a SeaTel 1898S Dish not tracking a second bird simultaneously. I dont know how folks can not be impressed with this on an iPhone 4S. It lets you spend time watching your TV => and not getting frustrated setting it up!


Great app bought it to line up sats. The LOS is very easy to navigate. With a few more tweaks it will be even better, like the reverse screen so you actually center the iPhone in the center of the dish this will cut down the LOS time super fast. Great work so far.

Not accurate in AB, Canada

Doesnt work with dual lnb dishes. Very disappointed in accuracy. Bought the pro figuring it may have an update sooner than later, but didnt. Sats that it finds are way off in my area. Waste of my $. I wouldnt buy it again.

Waste of money

Thought I would try this app while camping in the trees. It is very inaccurate and definately not worth 19.99. Save yourself the money and get the free ones. They are just as good if not better.

Waste of money

This is a waste of money, did not help at all..I want a refund..

Urgent update!!!

Great app, but please, update it to use the 4" retina screen and please at least iOS 7 graphics!!!

Amazing Program!

This program is a godsend for satellite installers and retailers! This program does what no $500+ satellite meter can do, just by aiming your iPhone to the sky you could instantly find out where the satellite arc is and also tell if the customer has a good line of site to the satellite. If your a satellite installer, this might just be the best $$$ you have ever spent. Trust me when I say this will make your job easier.

Simply amazing !!!!!

If your an installer and have an I phone this application is a must to have. For the price you cant go wrong. Perfect tool for anyone doing site surveys, or even for tailgaters on Sunday morning before the big game. Never thought I would spend this much for an application, but it should mean something when I went out and bought a new I phone at full price just so I could use this application. Keep up the good work!!!! Claude g

Uplink Engineer

As a broadcast professional, this app is invaluable. No more hauling the truck to site surveys, no small deal when the truck is a 36 ft, diesel guzzling, behemoth. Especially for local affiliate operators, who may not have as much experience locating more than a couple of birds, this app is worth its weight in gold. This is the easiest 20 bucks Ive ever spent. Buy it, you wont regret it.

Perfect tool for the professional

This app gives you the ability to see satellites hanging in the sky. Doing a site survey consists of nothing more than meandering around looking at the iPhone screen until no trees or buildings are in the way of the satellite. Problem locations that may have cost you an hour or more of time, or simply proved impractical, can be resolved in a couple of minutes. If you’re an installer (which I have been), you are not only going to breeze through site surveys, you are going to pick up plus business because you won’t turn down installations that are “too close to call.” If you’re in broadcasting (which I have also been), you’re going to be up on the satellite faster, sometimes a whole bunch faster. You know what that can be worth. This app is a no-brainer. Get it. Note for older iPhone users: For full the full Augmented-reality experience, you need an iPhone 3G S. The app will work with older iPhones without a compass, but you will have to set the compass direction manually. That’s OK. Get the app, show it to your boss and explain how much money this thing’s going to make/save, then go get your new 3G S with his or her blessing. Note for 3G S users: If the compass in the app appears to freeze up, as mine did, that’s because you were playing with the Horizontal Reference Mode, as I had been, and left it in other than the Internal Compass position. If you are in the Camera - AR view, touch Done, then go into Horizontal Reference Mode and fix it. Note for review-sceptics: My reviews tend to be pretty balanced. In fact, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the precursor to this app and wasn’t afraid to say so. This app is great, and that’s why I’m raving about it. Update: Helpful hints: 1) Wear a billed cap, like a baseball cap, when searching for a site during the heat of the day. Not only are the satellites to the south, so is the sun. (Yes, I know your mom told you not to look directly into the sun, but she never had to find satellite 110 through a hole in the trees.) 2) How to take a picture of your site survey, including the satellites in the picture: Press the power button (on top of the phone) and the home button (toward the bottom front of the phone) at the same time. Yes, its inconvenient, particularly since the power button is just above the camera lens, but Apple has yet to give developers a way to capture augmented-reality screens any other way. Blame Apple, not the developers.

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